Stibnite Foundation Co

There are presently no open calls for applications.

 The Stibnite Foundation focuses on grantmaking in the West Central Mountains of Idaho, an area encompassing the communities of southern Idaho County, Valley County and Adams County (the “Region”). We fund projects that will enhance and are tailored for our rural community. 

All grants are limited to qualified tax-exempt entities located in and serving the Region. These include nonprofits and governmental entities exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. 

The Stibnite Foundation’s ideal grant application will show regional impact, collaboration or cooperation among community partners, and investment from the community. Requests for general operations, staffing, and administration are not preferred.

Grant recipients will agree to use the Stibnite Foundation’s logo and recognize the Foundation’s investment in all project related press releases or publications, in all forms (print, online, etc.). 

This application has purposefully been designed to be open ended so that you may use existing financial documents, and even prepared narratives to complete it. By having an open process, we feel that you will best be able to tell your story.